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Private Art Instruction

Athesia Benjamin is a veteran art educator, with a varied and impressive teaching history.  For 20 years, she has taught a wide array of art mediums to students of all backgrounds, skill levels and ages.


Athesia is once again available for private lessons!  She conducts lessons for all ages, via Zoom.  Her fees are $2.00 per minute, with a minimum of 30 minutes. Please inquire via email at


As an art educator for children ages 4-12, Athesia focuses on encouraging innate expression and strengthening creative confidence.   She does this by instilling in her young students an appreciation for, and ability to create abstract work.  Children who receive such lessons are continually exercising their right-brained functions, and go on to have better problem -solving skills, more emotional range and aptitude, and a stronger corpus callosum....the area of the brain that connects the right and left brain hemispheres.  In short, such lessons are not only uniquely fun and satisfying, but lead to whole-brain development.

Lessons for ages 13 and up are tailored specifically to the student, and determined through a 30-minute pre-instruction conversation.

Athesia Benjamin
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